Battery Life and Do You Disconnect It

Hi all, does anyone know how long the battery lasts between charges? And should I be removing the battery in between rides as I wonder if the battery continues drain due to the Bluetooth?


Battery life varies dramatically depending on how you use it. We have had some users that got very fond of the multi-shift function, and were using it almost like a CVT. In that case, you can deplete the battery in one very long day of riding. We do not recommend you use it like that. If you ride normally, then you can expect at least 1 week of use. Its rated for approximately 10,000 shifts.

If you leave the battery in, it will continue to drain the battery due to the Bluetooth signal, but it should still be good for at least several weeks of standby. If you ride every day, then just leave it in, because the energy draw from the Bluetooth isn’t so significant compared to the motor draw. If you only ride occasionally, then remove the battery. With battery removed, the standby life should be about 4-6 months.

**If you leave the bike outside in the rain, then leave the battery installed, as it protect the contacts from rain.