Button operation

This is what I have found using the Xhifter for a little over one week.

Before you start to ride if the Xshifter has been idle for hours or you install the battery you need to press the reset button on the Elink. It takes about 30 seconds for the Elink to “wake up”. At this point the pod will not shift the Elink.

To get the pod to communicate with the Elink, press & hold the pod reset button for 1 second then while still pressing the reset press one of the shift buttons for about 1 second then release both of them. In the time it took to read that sentence you could have done that button press several times. Once you have released the buttons, you will be able to shift in 2 seconds.

If the Xshifter has been idle for less than 30 minutes, the pod should still be connected to the Elink. If the pod doesn’t respond you can press the Elink button only.

This is not correct. No need to reset anything. Just push any pod button and it will wake up and reconnect within about 3 seconds. The ELink is never sleeping, radio always active looking for the pod. DO NOT hold the pod reset and other button at same time, or you may lose the pairing. Yes it is a 30 minute sleep timer on the pod. This is to conserve the battery.

I have tried this 3 times today and it did work. What I had written above is not correct.

Press the Elink button to wake it up then after 30 seconds press one of the pod shift buttons. Wait 3 seconds then the pod will be able to shift the Elink.

Now last week when I was trying this on 3 rides, I was pressing a pod shift button after pressing the Elink button but the pod would not shift. The only way I was able to consistently get it to work was by my incorrect instructions.

The only thing I can think of, was that maybe I wasn’t allowing enough time between pressing the Elink button and the pod button.

With the way I have the pod mounted (see pictures in my post about the mounting brackets last week) when I reach forward to press the “+” button my thumb can press the reset button. I would suggest changing the pod so that you have to press the “-” and reset button to avoid the inadvertent button engagement.