Charging port cap

Hi, I received my shifter yesterday.
I quickly checked various things, and there was one point that bothered me.

It’s the red cap on the battery charging port.
When the battery is removed from the shifter and charged, the cap is not secured and will move away from the battery.
I’m worried that I’ll lose the cap while charging.

If I lose the cap, can I buy it?
Also, I hope that in the future the cap will be improved so that it doesn’t move away from the battery.

Hello Taka,
Yes, its not the best design. The original rubber plug wasn’t much better. We redesigned it the best we could without having a complete redesign of the battery. Just please be careful not to lose it. Yes we can ship one to you, but shipping costs now are quite expensive. Future design will be much improved.

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Hi! Is there an option to upgrade to this future design afterwards?

All current customers will get a great discount to upgrade when we release new products.

Awesome! Great to hear!