Day 2 commute with Xshifter

I must say I am not a fan of the re-homing every time you hit the elink start/reset button or re-install the battery.For a diamond frame bike it shouldn’t be a problem to pick up the bike, pedal and shift to a larger diameter gear to start pedaling in. It is just more inconvenient on a recumbent trike.
I mistakenly thought that things were ok this morning after starting tthe elink. The chain was on the 7th largest chainring but the derailleur had shifted to the smallest diameter chainring. After about 3/4 of my commute with the pod being able to shift the elink, it suddenly started working. I think the derailleur was jammed but the chain could move through it. I was constantly trying the pod and hit the elink button several times. I even tried removing the battery a couple of times while on a multi-use trail. I was even thinking the battery was dead because I wasn’t hearing the elink shifting.

I retuned the gearing when I got home tonight. Rear is set on smallest diameter gear and front on smallest chainring. I think the battery is down to maybe 40% with all of today’s attempting to shift & shifting.

Maybe have a special setting to reduce homing to once a week, with a reminder.

When you insert the battery, just shift back to the original gear before pedaling. Its necessary to re-home when inserting battery, because the position is not stored in memory. We will find a better solution in the next software version.