ELink Charging Issues

Some customers have trouble with charging the battery. When we designed this system, we chose a micro USB charging port because it was very popular. Unfortunately, these connectors are very unreliable. The battery should charge in maximum 2.5 hours from 0 to 100%. The LED will be red while charging, and green when complete. Even if you have a red LED, that does not mean it is charging properly. If the connection is bad, it will be continuously restarting the smart charging system, and never complete.

So, if you have any troubles, try a different charging cable and charging block. No worry about too much charging current, the charging rate is controlled inside the battery.

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What have you planned to do about this issue? To me it sounds like a hidden feature which may very well explain why even after charging the battery the app shows less than half of battery left in the device. Also would explain why I have so far been able to ride only about 300 km before charging the battery again.

The amount of riding you get, is totally dependent on how much you shift. Its good for minimum 10,000 shifts. That seems like a lot, but if you constantly use the multi-shift function, that happens quite fast. With the electronic push button, you will shift a lot more than with mechanical.

If you are going on a long ride, we suggest bringing a power bank and cable with you. Not just for the XShifter, but for all your electronic devices, such as phone.

I had the 10 k in mind too and I would say it’s nowhere near that on my device. Also I’m not using the multi-shift function that often. Maybe once every 20 km in steep hills.

It could be very well then that my shifter has this problem with the charging. Pity.

Please send an email to info@cell-cycling.com with your specific issue. We would like to resolve this for you.

I had what I thought was a similar problem but in reality I was charging the battery with too low current hence it took forever, I changed to another phone charger rated at 2A and works beautifully since. So I don’t think it’s an inherent problem per say but we tend to use the lowest charging current for fear of frying the unit. I changed the charger after consultation and works great since. Only have to charge once a week with about 4 to 5 hours of cycling per week, even then I charge it weekly out of habit instead of the battery being flat. So try to change the charger first guys.

While charging the battery use **KEWEISI 4V-20V 0-3A USB current and voltage monitor. So, you can see the charging current.

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Some of the small chargers are too low powered. No worry about over power, the charging current is controlled inside the battery.

What does the ELink LED status of blinking red/green signify?
I have dual Xshifters, one battery charges from red to green, the other goes from red to blinking red/green and never goes steady green even if I leave it for some time. Both seem to be charged fine.