Elink profiles for different bikes/cassettes

The beauty of the Elink is that it can easily be moved from one bike to another in a matter of minutes. Right now i have my Elink attached to a Sram Rival 1 derailleur. i want to be able to run it on my road bike (10speed cassette) my gravel bike (different 10 sp cassette, or 11sp if i want different gears) or MTB ( 11 speed) So it seems the App should be able to save different bike (or more accurately, cassette) profiles for a specific Elink. that way i don’t have to re-tune every time. i guess i could screenshot the offset #s but the app would be a better solution. if it’s not completely clear, i would have mount brackets on all bikes, disconnect chain, take the Elink off one bike (with derailleur attached). then mount to new bike and reattach appropriate chain, then swap the pod over. If i could just select a new “profile” within the app (moving from 10sp road cassette to 11sp MTB cassette) that would be much better than going through the whole tuning process. also makes a case for having extra pods for sale, and having 2+ pods able to connect to one Elink. does that make sense?

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Also interested in multiple profiles for moving between wheels and direct attached trainer that have different speed cassettes. They are 12-speed and 11-speed e13 cassettes so they require a slight tune of the Eagle and XX1 cassette configuration.

yea I wonder why we can’t save custom profiles