First commute with Xshifter

After re calibrating the gearing (see my post “Mounting pictures”) I took the battery out to recharge it.
I reinstalled it when I got my trike out to ride to work this morning. I know that the elink will rehome itself and thus cause the shifter to move to the smallest cog/highest gear. It is not easy to get back to a gear setting that is easy enough to pedal on a recumbent trike when you are sitting on the trike. I was pushing the pod buttons but the elink was not shifting! Not the way to start the commute with a new shifter. Luckily I was able to shift to small chainring on the front derailleur. It was easier to pedal in 10th gear as opposed to 30th gear. The pod was still not shifting the elink. At a stoplight, I hit the reset button on the elink and as I was able to go, I found that the pod was then able to shift the elink. Yeah!
This wasn’t an issue on my test ride because I didn’t remove the battery.

On my 12.5 km one way commute, I have about 24 stops (stop signs or traffic light). I also have 2-1/2 hills (overpasses) so I have about 36 times when I would shift over several gears. I just have to learn how long the battery charge will last me.

For the most part, the shifts were crisp and practically instant. I just seem to have one shift that I have to tune. I think it has to do with the length of chain on the recumbent. It can shift fine on the work stand but it behaves slightly differently under load. I don’t think that would be a problem with a diamond frame bike.

So the key points are make sure you are in a pedal-able gear if you remove the battery and hit the elink reset to wake up the pod pairing.

I looked at the elink battery level in the app after I got to work. I don’t know how accurate the graphic is to actually indicate battery level. It seems like it was down to 3/4 but who knows.

I rode home without the battery safety strap. No issues. I had thoughts of figuring out which gear exactly needed tuning before I left work but didn’t. Maybe tomorrow.

I remembered to use the elink on/reset button. I didn’t time it but I am guessing it takes 5 seconds or so to reconnect with the pod.

Without any feedback mechanism I will have to keep in mind what gear I am in, how many up or down. I had a couple stops where I wasn’t in as low a gear as I thought.

The battery looks to be at about 80% after two 40-ish minute rides today.