iOS update date please

My son’s had dual XShifters on his Force RX for about three years.

When will there be an iOS update to the app?

I’ve asked this question many many times and keep getting the same answer: it’s coming soon, just a few months, finalizing soon etc etc etc. Get my point?

Please be honest. When will there be an iOS app update to use all the pod features?

Yes, we definitely are updating the app. But we will not upgrade the current app. The new software will be a complete re-write of the entire system to make it network compatible. Its not a simple thing. It takes substantial time and resources to get it done.

Understand…again…when do you expect to have this done and on the App Store?

I’ve been riding a Force 3 with Xshifter for 2 years+ … is there anything I can do to help?

Don’t need any user help. Thank you. I want an honest update when the iOS app will be updated, rewriten, redesigned, or whatever, and uploaded to the App Store.