Operation when battery dies

Hi, I have two bikes with rear x-shifters, therefore, I carry the spare battery from the bike I’m not using with me when I cycle. Yesterday the battery went flat mid ride and immediately before it stopped working it changed a couple of gears to mid-position on the rear cassette and obviously would not change gear again until I replaced the battery. Is this a design feature to get you home in a mid-gear from a battery flat condition? Or was it just a coincidence or an accidental button press on my part?
I always carry an Anker power bank to keep my phone fully charged with a cable available for my Elemnt Bolt if it needs it which will also fit the x-shifter battery.

Dez Ellis

I had the battery die on me towards the end of one of my rides, it was my fault because I hadn’t charged in a while. I used my Iphone to shift it to mid gear to get home. You could potentially shift up and down with the Iphone for the rest of the ride but I just single speed’ed it back home and then charged it up