Pod times out too soon


Hi I noticed on your website that the X shifter Pod is supposed to time out after 30 minutes. My Pod is timing out after 5 minutes. It’s the older 4 button Pod. How can I fix this? I am biking mostly on flat so I sometimes go 10-20 minutes without shifting and then I have to wait for the pod to wake up every time I shift. Most people go longer than 5 minutes without shifting, I really love everything else about this shifter but if it’s constantly timing out then I will be better off going back to a cable set up. I don’t mind wasting the battery on the pod, I can always carry an extra one with me. Can I change it to time out after 30 min or an hour?

Also I am using the 4 button Pod with a 1X drivetrain so I use the 2 lower buttons to shift up and down. I was wondering if I could set it up so the upper 2 buttons could shift 2 gears at a time (as in skipping a gear)? Right now the buttons dont seem to function for anything.

I tried emailing these questions but I did not get a response. I hope I can get a response here. Thanks!

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i had asked both questions (time out and button remapping) to michael, the app developer, and if i recall, he said both were things there were looking into for the future… but that was last year at some point. totally agree that those should be customizable.

@Cell-Cycling Can you reply to the questions above? I have been trying to get in touch for over a week now. Thanks!

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