Shifting up... but not down Rotor Qrings

Hi there I am installing two xshifters on my handbike.
For the cassette it works well
For the chainring not so much
I use rotor oval chainrings 34 -28 and the a regular small round one

I can easily go 1-2 2-1 1-3 3-1 2-3. … but no way to go down between the two oval chainrings 3-> 2

What could I do about this? Anyone else using xshifter with oval rings?

We have not tested on oval chain ring, but it should function. Let me suggest you set it up in a different way. Program it for many gears, maybe 8-12. Then it will function like a “virtual” friction shifter. You will be able to make small adjustments to stop chain drag also.

I’ve got Qrings on my handcycle, 50/39 oval and 28 round.
I’ve configured my Xshifter setup for 4 gears so I need to shift twice when going from smallest to middle Qring and then once more for the largest Qring. When dropping gears it’s twice from the largest to the middle Qring and once more for the smallest ring. My setup is:
Slack 2mm
3 - 13.4mm
2 - 16.6mm
1 - 22.2mm
So the setting for gears 2 and 3 (both the middle Qring) are close so they work going down as well as up the gears.
It seems to work well, the only problem I’ve found is that the system goes dormant too quickly so if I’m riding for a period without changing chainrings then I need to press the pad to wake it up before it will change gears. Will it be possible to configure a longer period before the system goes dormant with the new software release?