XShifter Pairing

Normally the Pod and ELink are paired when you receive them. But this is a “soft” pairing, so they can be un-paired by mistake. Please use this guide to help pair. We welcome all user comments here with their tips and issues.XShifter Pairing Procedure.pdf (66.1 KB)

XShifter Pairing Procedure

  1. Take the bike or components outside away from electrical interference. This is very important.
    Sometimes in a building with lights, computers, phones, etc., it can be almost impossible to pair
    Bluetooth devices.
  2. Be sure you don’t have any other unpaired XShifter product in range, or they will attempt to pair
    to the ELink.
  3. If you have a dual system, remove the battery from the other ELink. If the pods are attached to
    the bike, wrap the other pod with a piece of aluminum foil to prevent interference.
  4. Reset the ELink and wait a few seconds for it to reset. You should hear the motor actuate. If
    not, then the battery is drained, or there is a malfunction in the ELink. You can reset by pushing
    the red button or inserting the battery. NOTE: The LED on the ELink has no significance for
  5. On the POD: Push and hold the reset button, while holding reset, push and hold a shift button.
    After about 2 seconds, you should see the POD LED flash. If paired, you will see a second
    sequence of flashes.
  6. If you don’t see the second POD flashes, try again. Sometimes its normal to take several
  7. Verify the XShifter is paired by pushing a POD button. The ELink should move. If it doesn’t move,
    reset the ELink. Sometimes this clears the problem.
  8. If not functioning: Go back to step 3 and repeat.